43 min

Chakra Healing Masterclass

This Chakra Healing Masterclass is a gem! We pulled it from our archives and decided to share it here! It leads you through an overview of the Chakra Healing Attunement process that is central to all of the healing programs at Pleiadian Institute. It also provides a beautiful and simple understanding of how the energy that flows through your chakras is the multidimensional light of divinity in motion.

This Masterclass was one of the first Masterclasses ever created for Pleiadian Institute. when you watch the new Masterclasses you will witness the transformation that has occurred from the beginning. This Masterclass helps you to open your mind to the depth of connection to spirit and energy that exists within each of your chakra centers. Mastery comes with time and practice. Commit here to taking time in your practice of mastery in working with understanding this depth mentally.

Open your journal as you listen and watch the Masterclasses & take note of the principles, words, and practices that resonate the most deeply with you. Write down anything that stands out to you as compelling or relevant to your passion and life’s work. Draw and create little pieces of art in your journal that will remind you of the highest vibrational insights you glean.

Masterclass Presenter

Aimee Rebekah Shea

Aimee is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, a Reiki Master and has been trained professionally in Integrated Energy Therapy, Angel Therapy, crystal healing and mediumship. Aimee is currently working to demonstrate the effectiveness of energy healing practices through the development of an evidence-based scientific research program. Her goal in all her work is to educate and empower individuals to realize transcendent health.




Masterclass Mindset

When we enter into this space together, we commit to the practice of mastery. Mastery requires your full attention, and an open mind. Allow yourself to get inspired by the healing and imagine all of the ways you can change your life and those around you through practice in the mastery of spiritual healing!