Masterclass Mindset

When we enter into this space together, we commit to the practice of mastery. Mastery requires your full attention, and an open mind. Allow yourself to get inspired by the healing. Imagine all of the ways you can change your life and those around you through practice in the mastery of holistic healing modalities!

Our masterclasses are not designed to give you complete mastery over a single topic. Instead, you want to think of every topic like a kaleidoscope. Our masterclasses are like one point on the kaleidoscope. We can make masterclasses weekly for the rest of our lives and just begin to gain true mastery of each topic. Think of this space like a toolbox. Take from it what serves your highest self and leave the rest. We are training together in the practice of becoming Master Beings of Love and Light in our programs. These masterclasses are designed for us to train together as masters.

A misconception of mastery is that you have to understand everything to be a master. Mastery requires your full presence in this moment; not that you know everything deeply. We are each here to know different things deeply. Trust that what you need to know will always make itself clear to you. This space has been created to inspire you and to serve the unfolding of your highest self. It is our intention that you awaken your own genius and mastery in this space with us.